Polymer-Based Muscles and Actuators

Materials that spontaneously undergo a change in structure, for example, from a two dimensional (2D) to three dimensional (3D) structure in response to external stimuli have been of great interest as artificial muscles, and for fabricating novel actuators, switches, valves and in robotics. Hydrogels are of particular interest owing to their mechanical properties, chemical diversity, […]

Method for Vitrification of Articular Cartilage for Long Term Storage

Osteochondral allografting is an effective technique for treating osteochondral defects; however, its utility is limited by the availability of clinically suitable osteochondral tissues. Current methods allow only for short term hypothermic storage of human articular cartilage (AC) where cell deterioration begins after 7-14 days, thus limiting the clincial use of this tissue. These limitations reveal […]


A novel technique for stem-cell storage and preservation
Cryopreservation is a core enabling technology for the transplantation of natural and engineered cells and tissues. Successful transplantation of human cells is critically dependent on the number of functional cells transplanted. The current gold-standard in cell preservation, however, relies on cryoprotectants, chemicals that reduce damage to the cells […]