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"Working with Shaheel, has been an asset to our company and founders. Has allowed us to grow our knowledge to better understand our gaps. By doing so it allows us to focus more on improving our company and ourselves." --- “I feel like Tec Edmonton has a large group of professionals in all aspects of entrepreneurship and that we have lucked out with who we have worked with. Matching the entrepreneur with the right TEC Edmonton staff is key for clients to feel connected and for getting the right type of assistance. I would say our experience sits higher, but I would stress to people to make sure they are building the right connection.”
Roberto, 2018
“Much appreciation to Mr. Kurian and Mr. Shaz for their incredible work and guidance. We got an excellent understanding of how to articulate a value proposition in a more robust, client-friendly way. Since the first meeting as a company and as an individual, I am actively working on my communication in such a way ‘pitching is more of effective, magical storytelling rather than listing benefits and pain points.’ Thank you very much for steering us in the right direction regarding narrating the company and its services in a more sales perspective rather than the technology perspective. The action plan is going to be a great reference document for us in checking our progress as a yardstick in measuring our ongoing advancement and the areas we need to work on regarding sales and marketing.”
Innovills, 2018
“A personalized approach is much appreciated. Entrepreneurs often hear the same advice over and over and it isn’t always actionable. [The reason for my ranking of 10/10 is] the people! Mark and Shahroze are excellent listeners and are skilled at identifying gaps that I skipped over.”
Sprout, 2018
“[We received] a clear strategy that will help Yardly achieve its vision. [We also received] a different mindset to pitch to others about Yardly, identified areas Yardly needs to improve most in, and a list of resources Yardly can utilize.” “We had a great experience working with Shaheel. His experience and expertise helped us see things we wouldn’t see on our own. He is also a great communicator and very easy to work with. His comments are honest and to the point.”
Xudong Song
Yardly, 2018
“Working with our EIR enabled us to tell a better story, putting us in an improved position to build our business and showcase that innovation on a large scale can be done by a local company based in Canada.”
FlascheBottle, 2018
“I received high level analysis and a broader insight of the market I’m trying to enter. I believe [TEC Edmonton] has skills and expertise to help guide start-ups and other high profile businesses.”
Musiculus, 2018
“I was able to explore the product more thoroughly and discuss the product with experienced individuals. The patent research done by Joanna was of great value, along with business advice from Joanna and Craig.” --- “[TEC Edmonton] was a fantastic resource with highly skilled and experienced individuals to help discuss ideas confidentially and promote/encourage entrepreneurship in the community.”
Lens Care 2 Go, 2018
[I received] a concise summary of the business models we can pursue with the advantages and disadvantages of each. As well as a list of possible resources for testing and validation of the products, networking and exhibition and relevant industry and academic organizations. The most valuable are the recommendations for next steps that are well outlined and very easy to understand.” --- “[We] had a great experience, great interactions with the TEC Edmonton team and a solid action plan.”
Copperstone, 2018

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