As a joint venture of the University of Alberta and Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, TEC Edmonton operates the Edmonton region’s largest health-technology accelerator.

We Serve a Diverse Community


We help our clients grow as entrepreneurs through tailored programs, education opportunities and partnerships.

Innovation Community

In partnership with the innovation community, we work to provide the best services for you. If we can’t help you, we’ll help find someone who can.

Emerging technology companies

We operate the region’s largest accelerator for early-stage technology companies

Our Promise

To our clients

Our extensive expertise and network will help you advance your business or technology.

To our people

We provide diverse experience that makes a difference to innovators.

To our innovation service partners

We use your strengths to create better client outcomes.

To our funders

Together with you, we deliver the best outcome for the best value.

A little bit more about us

We’re committed to taking your business or technology to the next level. We provide resources other service providers don’t offer such as:

  • Executives in residence – as successful entrepreneurs who have been there, done that, our executives in residence are giving back to help you grow successfully.


  • Industry-specific accelerators and programs: We’ve partnered with local organizations and multinational corporations to create programing and space to develop early-stage technology companies

In the community

We’re passionate about giving back to the community through partnerships. If you think partnering with TEC Edmonton would be good for your organization and you match the criteria below, please reach out to or click below to get in touch.

Contact Us

Criteria for TEC Edmonton partnership:

  • Must be an Alberta-based organization
  • Event or activity must relate to at least two of the following:
    • Innovation
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Technology
    • Research
    • Student training and development
  • Event or activity must deliver benefits to one or more of TEC Edmonton’s audiences (technology entrepreneurs, researchers, trainees and students)
  • The supported organization must be able to measure and report on results of the event/activity
  • Priority given where TEC representatives are given speaking time, panel participation or booth space.

Here are some of the organizations TEC has partnered with the last five years.

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Jennifer Sheehan

Jennifer Sheehan

Director of Communications & Marketing

Jenn oversees the development of internal and external communication strategies, manages the corporate brand and advises the CEO and executive team on communications issues and opportunities.

(780) 492-0707

Lan Tan

Lan Tan

Director, Entrepreneur Development

Lan oversees the Entrepreneur Development team, building programs, services and events for Edmonton entrepreneurs.

(780) 492-7377

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