Tricca Technologies

The ability to detect and quantify various biomarkers within biological fluids is essential for precise diagnosis of human disease. Although accurate detection of most biomolecules is generally possible using complex and technical machinery, there remains a need for simple, low-cost, point-of-care detection devices that can drive accessibility of diagnostic technology. To that end, Tricca Technologies Inc. was created as a multidisciplinary effort to develop a portable, handheld biosensor device compatible with disposable ‘chips.’ Based on impedance and/or colourimetric analyses, the device enables clinical point-of-care testing for key biomarkers of specific diseases.

Led by:
• Scott MacKay, Ph.D., Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta
• Jie Chen, Ph.D., professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alberta
• David Wishart, Ph.D., professor, Departments of Biological Sciences and Computing Science, University of Alberta
• John Chiu, MD, clinical professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Alberta

The TEC Edmonton Innovation Awards celebrate the success of University of Alberta researchers.  In 2019, awards were presented to ten University of Alberta spin-off companies and nine research teams that received a US patent and have an industry partner.