1200x630 Facebook InnovationAwards 2019

Team: Huanlei Wang, Zhanwei Xu, Christopher Holt, David Mitlin
Patent 10,170,251 Carbon nanosheets

This patent describes a process that uses hemp bast fiber as the precursor to achieve graphene-like carbon nanosheets. The process results in interconnected two-dimensional carbon nanosheets with very high levels of unique features which display remarkable electrochemical properties useful for making energy storage capacitative structures. Electrochemical capacitors are very useful for a wide range of applications, including portable electronics, uninterruptible power sources, medical devices,
load levelling and hybrid electric vehicles. By using hemp bast fiber, Li and the research team were able to design a production method that uses a growing agricultural biofeedstock which has gained significant popularity in recent years and results in a product that has multiple applications, particularly in renewable energy source systems.

The TEC Edmonton Innovation Awards celebrate the success of University of Alberta researchers. In 2019, awards were presented to ten University of Alberta spin-off companies and nine research teams that received a US patent and have an industry partner.