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WWiKY’s radiopharmaceuticals use the same drugs for molecular imaging and radiotherapy to create personalized and precise cancer care. These “theranostics” (therapeutics + diagnostics) reduce unnecessary symptoms caused by medical examination or treatment and greatly increase the success rate of targeting and managing hypoxic cells that are present in more than 40 per cent of solid tumors.

Led by:
• Leonard Wiebe, Ph.D., DSc professor emeritus, Department of Oncology, University of Alberta; president & chief executive officer, WWiKY Biosciences Inc.
• Piyush Kumar, Ph.D., clinical professor, Department of Oncology, University of Alberta; vice president and chief scientific officer, WWiKY Biosciences Inc.
• Michael Weinfeld, Ph.D., professor, Oncology, University of Alberta; chief operating officer, WWiKY Biosciences Inc.
• Junzhi Yao, Ph.D., director, WWiKY Biosciences Inc.

The TEC Edmonton Innovation Awards celebrate the success of University of Alberta researchers.  In 2019, awards were presented to ten University of Alberta spin-off companies and nine research teams that received a US patent and have an industry partner.