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Livmor Diagnostics, Inc. is developing a novel test to help determine the likelihood of early labour in high-risk pregnant women. This test is based on the response of a woman’s white blood cells to certain triggers. Besides telling doctors whether a pregnant woman might go into early labour, it can also be used to track whether the mother is responding to new therapies to prevent preterm birth. This new test will change the approach for developing new drugs for preterm birth, improving the health of mothers and babies.

Led by:
• David Olson, Ph.D., FRCOG, professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta; president, Livmor Diagnostics Inc.

The TEC Edmonton Innovation Awards celebrate the success of University of Alberta researchers.  In 2019, awards were presented to ten University of Alberta spin-off companies and nine research teams that received a US patent and have an industry partner.