U of A celebrates commercial potential of research

U of A celebrates commercial potential of research More…

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Case Study: IMBiotechnologies Ltd

Benign prostatic hyperplasia may not sound familiar, but it affects 50 per cent of men over the age of 50. This condition is characterized by an enlarged prostate and causes uncomfortable urinary tract symptoms that affect men’s quality of life.

The condition isn’t preventable, but can be treated with IMBiotechnologies Ltd’s new medical device, EkobiTM Embolization […]

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Endurance Unlimited’s Go Get Fit app


This is a story from our 2017/18 annual report. Read more stories from the annual report here.

Through the Go Get Fit app, which gamifies physical activity, healthcare professionals provide fitness guidance to patients, track their progress, and support them in making fitness a part of their lifestyle. The app connects healthcare providers with community-based exercise […]

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Novel F-18 Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid Radiotracers for PET Imaging


Researchers at the University of Alberta have synthesized novel beta-hydroxybutyric acid radiotracers for PET imaging using a 3 step radiosynthetic process. The compounds are designed to serve as radiofluorinated analogues of endogenous non-fluorinated metabolites. The biodistribution of the radiotracers in PET scans of normal mice show uptake in tissues that are difficult to visualize by […]

A Novel Method for CryoPreservation of Cells in Monolayers


Researchers at the University of Alberta have developed a novel method to cryopreserve cells while adhered in a monolayer configuration. This method can preserve cells on a substrate and provide high post-thaw cell viability. Your company could then supply cryopreserved bioengineered cell monolayers directly in the desired configuration for immediate use.


Allows cryopreservation of cells […]