Hand-Held Device and Computer-Implemented Steering of a Percutaneously Inserted Needle


Dr. Mahdi Tavakoli and his team at the University of Alberta have developed a novel hand-held device and methods to enable real-time assisted steering of percutaneously inserted needles, such as those used to deliver brachytherapy seeds to the prostate. The device is compact enough to fit within one hand and enables a surgeon to precisely and […]

Novel Radiation-Responsive Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications


Researchers at the University of Alberta in collaboration with Lakehead University have developed novel radiation-responsive block polymers for drug delivery. The nanoparticles are modified poly-L-glutamic acid (m-PGA) polymers which encapsulate one or multiple hydrophobic drugs, for example chemotherapeutic agents. Controlled release of drugs from the nanoparticles can be achieved by lysing the polymer by X-ray/gamma […]

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Flow Cytometry Sensing Using Diffracted Orders of a Grating


Flow cytometry is a useful tool that employed in diagnoses of various blood diseases, basic research, clinical trials or even as a “cell sorter” instrument. Currently, flow cytometry involves an elaborate arrangement of mirrors and filters to split the signals from the device into the different wavelengths. This setup often requires several lasers and multiple […]

Off-Axis Spiral Phase Mirrors To Create Vortex Beams


There has been an increased interest in taking advantage of the orbital angular momentum properties of light via helical wavefronts for various applications in manufacturing, imaging, and communications. By manipulating and enhancing these ‘vortex’ beams, new and more efficient applications in various industries can be realized using high powered or ultra-fast lasers. Previously, vortex beams […]

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Sharon Barker to Lead TEC Edmonton Health Accelerator

TEC Edmonton welcomes Dr. Sharon Barker, MBA as the new Director of the TEC Edmonton Health Accelerator (TEC HA). In her new role, Sharon will be responsible for leading the next evolution of the Health Accelerator to foster the growth of Alberta biotechnology companies and strengthen the link between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and […]

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Allyl Monomers And Polymers From Glycerol


In recent years, with the rapid expansion in biodiesel production, the biodiesel industry is facing the dilemma, on the one hand, of how to meet an ever-growing biofuel demand, and on the other, manage excessive crude glycerol so that it does not pose a threat to the environment. About 10-11% (w/w) glycerol is generated as […]

DynaLIFE Accelerator accepting applications from Diagnostics Technology Companies

Funding, mentorship and work space available for diagnostics companies
Company recruitment is now open for the DynaLIFE Accelerator, a new partnership between DynaLIFE, TEC Edmonton and Health City. Set to open June 2018, the program will validate cutting-edge diagnostics technologies in a real-world lab setting for approval into the health care system.
Diagnostics companies with well-developed technology can apply […]

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