TEC Edmonton to collaborate on joint incubator with Tsinghua University

Edmonton, AB (April 27, 2017) – TEC Edmonton recently signed an agreement with Tsinghua University’s research innovation incubator, TusStar. TusStar is the famous brand of Tus Holdings, the investment arm of Tsinghua University. The agreement will enable each organization to better support its high growth incubator clients with their international market development plans.

TusPark, or Tsinghua […]

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TEC Edmonton announces finalists for 15th VenturePrize awards

Edmonton, AB (April 26, 2017) – For the 15th year, Alberta-based technology companies will compete for top prizes with a combined value of over $150,000 at the VenturePrize awards celebration on May 4, 2017. TEC Edmonton announced Tuesday the finalists for the Fast Growth, DynaLIFE Health, and TELUS ICT competition streams, which include some of […]

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High Resolution Radar Imaging for Oil Well Inspection


It is essential for oil and gas companies to inspect and monitor changes in oil wells over time to control irreversible damages which may cause impaired or halted production, costing millions of dollars. Although different inspection methods are available, in many cases these methods are inefficient or costly. The principle drawback of optical imaging is […]

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VenturePrize: 15 Years Later

Where were you in 2002? You might have been making calls on the Nokia 6610, the top-selling mobile phone of the year. Maybe you were carrying around a 6-pound Apple iBook (boasting a 20 GB hard drive) while listening to music on your second-generation iPod.

Clearly, a lot can happen in 15 years, including the lifetime […]

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