DRAXware and Gemstone Logistics: Getting workers where they need to go

DRAXware, a University of Alberta spinoff company created with the assistance of TEC Edmonton in 2007, has recently struck a new deal with its operating company, the Sherwood Park-based Gemstone Logistics.

The partnership between DRAXware, a software company specializing in industrial project management, and Gemstone Logistics arose out of a need to manage the logistics of […]

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TEC Innovation District open for business

Edmonton’s technology entrepreneurs now have a new community workspace with the opening of TEC Innovation District. On Thursday, TEC Edmonton was joined by Honourable Deron Bilous, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Dr. Larry Kostiuk, University of Alberta Associate Vice-President Research, City Councillor Andrew Knack, Jason Pincock, President and CEO of DynaLife, and Cheryll Watson, […]

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Novel Therapy for Diabetes, Dyslipidemia and Obesity


Researchers at the University of Alberta have discovered a potential therapy to prevent dyslipidemia, obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis. The study shows that depletion of an enzyme inhibits phosphatidylcholine synthesis in mice which results in decreased levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides. Associated mechanisms, which include large increases in the hormone GLP-1 following a meal, protect […]

TEC Edmonton announces the opening of TEC Innovation District

Edmonton’s newest mentorship and co-working space for technology entrepreneurs

Edmonton, AB (January 19, 2017) – Edmonton’s technology entrepreneurs have a new community workspace, with the launch of TEC Innovation District. The space, located in the hub of downtown Edmonton in Enterprise Square, is a point of entry for technology entrepreneurs to access mentorship and coaching from […]

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Biological Production of Fatty Alcohols from Carbohydrate Precursors


University of Alberta researchers have genetically engineered a yeast platform for biosynthesis of long chain fatty alcohols from cellulosic hydrolysates. The engineering strategy included genetic modifications to endogenous yeast biosynthetic pathways as well as introduction of heterologous pathways. The primary fermentation products from this platform are saturated hexadecanol and octadecanol (C16 and C18, respectively), but […]

BioEngineered Adipocytes for the Light-Controlled Release of Insulin


Dr. Peter Light at the University of Alberta has developed genetically engineered adipocytes that secrete significant amounts of bioactive insulin upon exposure to a particular wavelength of blue light. Insulin secretion is specific and very little insulin is secreted in the absence of light. This technology is currently being evaluated as an insulin replacement therapy […]

Novel Diagnostic Tool for HIV – Associated Neurocognitive Disorder


University of Alberta researchers, led by Dr. Christopher Power, have developed an innovative plasma-based diagnostic test for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND). At present, clinically validated biomarkers are not available for the diagnosis of HAND. This novel test uses a minimal profile of three miRNAs to distinguish HAND from non-HAND patients.

Upon infection with […]

Light Switch Adapter

University of Alberta inventors have developed a novel light switch interface designed for individuals who may have reduced mobility and limited range of motion, such as children and persons with disabilities. This adapter replaces the cover panel on the popular rocker-style light switches commonly found in modern homes. The existing switch can be toggled on […]

Where are they now? Alberta Craft Malting

We’re checking in with past VenturePrize winners to see how their companies have changed since winning top spots in the Student, Fast Growth, DynaLIFE DX Health and TELUS ICT streams. This week, we spoke to Peter Schill of Alberta Craft Malting, Grand Prize winner of the 2015 Alberta Innovates Student stream.

Alberta Craft Malting was the […]

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Where are they now? Zacxon Inc.

We’re checking in with past VenturePrize winners to see how their companies have changed since winning top spots in the Student, Fast Growth, Health and TELUS ICT streams. This week, we spoke to Zack Harb of Zacxon Inc., finalist in the 2016 Alberta Innovates Student stream.

Anyone who has lived through an Alberta winter knows that […]

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