On Thursday, April 21, 2016, there was tremendous energy at the 14th annual TEC VenturePrize Awards.

Hosted by TEC Edmonton, the awards evening celebrates, recognizes and encourages innovative, made-in-Alberta early-stage companies.

This year’s TEC VenturePrize Awards represents Alberta’s ever-maturing  innovation “ecosystem” to which all the players –  entrepreneurs, investors, inventors, volunteers, funders, governments, private companies, public companies, non-government organizations – are now passionately committed.

As illustrated by this year’s VenturePrize Awards, 2016 will be seen in retrospect as a pivotal year: the year that Alberta embraced and accelerated the growth of a major high-tech business sector that will help the province lessen its dependence on the roller-coaster price of oil and natural gas.

Speaking at VenturePrize, Economic Development and Trade Minister Deron Bilous outlined an impressive number of initiatives launched by the provincial government to support the growth of innovative new companies – business incubator support, incentives, investment tax credits, tax cuts and changes in the government’s delivery of business innovation services.

Major corporations are stepping up to the Alberta innovation plate with 21 organizations played lead roles in prize category sponsorships and corporate mentorships at this year’s VenturePrize event.

As TEC Edmonton CEO, Chris Lumb, pointed out, 110 expert volunteers returned this year to assist with the judging and mentoring of all VenturePrize competitors.

The show of support was a catalyst to those who truly count at VenturePrize: the young companies competing in the four main VenturePrize business award categories. These include the flagship Fast Growth prize, the TELUS ICT (Information and Communications Technology) competition stream, the DynaLIFE Dx Health competition and the Alberta Innovates Student Business Plan competition.

The quality of this year’s finalists in each competition was an early outcome of the new emphasis being placed on innovation and diversification in Alberta. The four winning companies are not only among Canada’s most promising early-stage companies, but have technologies applicable to markets around the world.

Fast Growth winner Dakota Supplies of Calgary (www.dakotasupplies.com) found an untapped market in innovative new cleaning tools and supplies for passenger aircraft interiors. Its products are now being field-tested by a major Canadian airline.

University of Alberta medical spin-off MagnetTx Oncology Solutions (www.magnettx.com), winner of the VenturePrize DynaLIFE Dx Health prize, took away the audience’s collective breath as it unspooled revolutionary new technology vastly improving cancer radiation treatment precision. So much so, as Master of Ceremonies Shaye Ganam of Global Edmonton said,  that today’s 40 radiation treatments could be accomplished in just “one, two or five treatment sessions” using the Magnet Tx Aurora-RT device.

In the fashion sphere, TELUS ICT Prize winner Covet (www.covet.tv) TV will bring a new revenue stream to TV or video-streaming shows. Working with costume designers, fashion labels and TV shows, Covet’s consumer technology makes it possible for the fashion-conscious consumer to buy designer clothes or fashion accessories worn by actors in shows, right from the screen. TELUS will be working with Covet to test its technology on TELUS’ Optik TV system.

Alberta Innovates Student Business Plan winner Alexander Villeneuve and his company Ceres Solutions Ltd. (www.ceres-ab.ca) impressed all present, not only with a creative and practical solution to finding new uses for  what was waste, but to be do so at the tender age of  20.  The Olds College student has found a new use for “spent” grain used in brewing beer. The biomass is biologically enhanced by growing mushrooms on (and in) it, creating both a mushroom crop and revitalized biomass with new nutritional, fertilizer and soil conditioner value.   Villeneuve is the second student in a row from the Olds College Brewmaster program to win the VenturePrize Student Award.

Winning the Edmonton Journal People’s Choice Award – collecting the most online votes – was Fast Growth category runner-up Localintel (www.localintel.com), a data-integrating solution to help small businesses across Alberta find the best possible location to set up shop.

Recognized at VenturePrize was 14-year-old Gr. 8 Sexsmith student Travis Cunnington, winner of the Peace Country Region Science Fair. Convinced by his research that cell-phone radiation is indeed a reality, Travis made a prototype cell-phone case from radiation-blocking materials that reduced radiation from the cell phone by 70%.

City of Edmonton Councillor Michael Walters had participated as a member of the judging panel adjudicating the DynaLIFE Dx Health prize. “As a judge, I was able to see the process, and the mind-blowing quality and creativity of all the finalists,” he said.

“Tonight, the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts is being held over at city hall. But it needs to be stated that just as much creativity is in this room tonight.  The City of Edmonton is very proud to partner with other organizations in supporting TEC Edmonton and VenturePrize. We need never question the funds providing for the dividend that TEC Edmonton provides. In this city, we are always more than we appear.”



Fast Growth Award – $80,000 in cash and services to the winner, $10,000 to each runner-up
Winner: Dakota Supplies Ltd.
Runners-up: Fitset, Localintel

TELUS ICT Competition Award – $30,000 to the winner
Winner: Covet
Runners-up: Rentzrey, instaMek

DynaLIFE Dx Health Competition Award – $25,000 to the winner, $10,000 to first runner-up
Winner: MagnetTx Oncology Solutions
Runners-up: Running Injury Clinic Inc., SolAeroMed Inc.

Alberta Innovates Student Business Plan Award – $20,000 to the winner, $7,500 to each runner-up
Winner: Ceres Solutions Ltd.
Runners-up: Services on the Go – Chic, Zacxon Inc.

Edmonton Journal People’s Choice Award
Winner: Localintel

EDMONTON, AB–(Marketwired – April 22, 2016) – Close to 400 members of Alberta’s business innovation ecosystem came together on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at the TEC VenturePrize Awards. Now in its 14th year, the celebration honors and rewards Alberta’s most promising early-stage high-tech companies.

Economic Development and Trade Minister Deron Bilous, present at the awards, stressed the importance of such events to the economic diversification of Alberta. “On behalf of the Government of Alberta, I would like to congratulate the winners of the TEC VenturePrize Awards and thank TEC Edmonton for its ongoing work to support research, development and innovation. The ideas and innovators behind these awards showcase Alberta’s strengths and our entrepreneurship.”

Event Highlights:

Dakota Supplies Inc. won the VenturePrize Fast Growth Award with its $80,000 cash and in-kind prizes. Dakota Supplies Inc. looks to become a leading provider of disposable and sanitizing cleaning products for the commercial transportation industry. Its patented cleaning product MOPPITT™ is an all-in-one cleaning unit specifically designed to meet the cleaning and sanitizing challenges of commercial transportation including airlines and buses.

Fast Growth Runners-up included Fitset and Localintel who were awarded cash prizes of $10,000 each. Created at the University of Alberta, Fitset is a website offering access to fitness classes at hundreds of local fitness studios for a single membership of $99 per month. Localintel is a Calgary-based startup developing an online technology designed to help small companies across Alberta find the right location for their business.

Recognizing Alberta’s fast-growing health products sector, the DynaLIFE Dx Health Competition grand prize award of $25,000 went to MagnetTx Oncology Solutions. MagnetTx is commercializing ground-breaking technology in cancer radiotherapy (RT). Its new Linac-MR device, the Aurora-RT, tracks the movement of tumours and organs while radiotherapy is taking place. The combined knowledge enables radiation oncologists to zero in more precisely on the tumour itself even as it shifts around, reducing unneeded radiation and thus improving cancer treatment outcomes.

MagnetTx won the $25,000 grand prize for the DynaLIFE Dx Health category, with the $10,000 Runner-up prize going to Running Injury Clinic (RIC) Inc. RIC is creating sophisticated data-gathering-and-analysis tools for clinicians to access for treating ambulatory (walking and running) injuries.

In the VenturePrize TELUS Information & Communications Technology (ICT) award category, the winner of the $30,000 award was Covet. Based in Edmonton, Covet’s smart TV solutions allow the consumer to instantaneously buy a fashion product displayed on television, directly off the TV screen. Covet also offers interactive means for shoppers to purchase fashion accessories and clothing worn by celebrities in TV shows and films.

The Alberta Innovates VenturePrize Student award encourages students to commercialize their technologies and services. The finalists had all won or placed in business plan competitions at their schools.

The $20,000 Alberta Innovates VenturePrize Student award went to Ceres Solutions Ltd. from Olds College. Ceres Solutions recycles the spent grain used by Alberta brewers. The grain is pasteurized then inoculated with mushroom mycelium to break down left-over fibre, thus producing enough nutritional biomass to produce protein-rich mushroom crops. This biological enhancement is producing value from what was previously a waste by-product from beer brewing.

Student Runners-up Chíc and Zacxon (both from the University of Alberta) went home with $7,500 each in prizes. Chíc is an online social network that clients can use to search for beauty service providers and use the software application to book appointments online. Zacxon Inc. has developed its Property Protection System to protect buildings in cold-climate countries from indoor water damage caused by the bursting of frozen water pipes.

It was a tight race for the Edmonton Journal People’s Choice Award. Online voting was opened to the public to pick their favorite Fast Growth finalist. The award went to finalist Localintel, who won by only 14 votes.

The jurors’ Screener’s Award of Merit, sponsored by ATB Financial, went to Nick Konev for HomePress.

All of this year’s 60 VenturePrize Award contestants were winners. The awards provide a range of services to all contestants, including mentoring, business plan guidance and evaluation, business plan workshops and networking opportunities. VenturePrize, a program of business incubator TEC Edmonton, is open to Alberta entrepreneurs with a technology focus. The 2016 awards celebration was held at the Westin Hotel Edmonton.

“Thank you to all TEC VenturePrize participants,” said Chris Lumb, CEO of TEC Edmonton. “This is a huge and vital community undertaking that supports the growth of Alberta entrepreneurship, which in turn feeds our region’s economic growth and diversity. Congratulations to all the participants — the Alberta innovation community looks forward to your success.”

About TEC Edmonton

TEC Edmonton helps technology entrepreneurs accelerate their growth. In addition to being the commercialization agent for University of Alberta technologies, TEC Edmonton operates Greater Edmonton’s largest accelerator for early stage technology companies, including both university spinoffs and companies from the broader community.

TEC Edmonton provides client services in four broad areas: Business development, funding and finance, technology commercialization and entrepreneur development.

TEC Edmonton’s clients are an outstanding group of companies. Since 2011, TEC Edmonton clients have generated $680M in revenue, raised $354M in financing and funding, invested $204M in R&D, grown employment by 21-26% per year and now employ over 2326 people in the region. In addition, TEC Edmonton has assisted in the creation of 22 spinoffs from the University in the last five years.

In 2015, TEC Edmonton was identified by the Swedish University Business Incubator (UBI) Index as the 4th best university business incubator in North America, and was also named Canadian “Incubator of the Year” at the 2014 Startup Canada Awards.
For more information, visit www.tecedmonton.com.

This week, on Thursday, April 21, 2016, 12 early-stage Alberta companies will compete in four TEC VenturePrize business plan award catagories, in the Fast Growth, TELUS ICT, DynaLIFE Dx Health and Alberta Innovates Student categories.

All 12 will have benefited from the mentoring, educational and networking components of VenturePrize.

Four will walk out with cash and in-kind prizes. Four winners will garner greatly enhanced reputations. Alberta’s business and innovation communities pay close attention to TEC VenturePrize, recognizing  these are the companies most likely to diversify Alberta’s economy as they grow.

VenturePrize’s credibility rests not only on what is to come, but what has happened to past winners. The awards were originally created by the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation 14 years ago.

Here’s a look at what has since happened to the winners of the 2015 VenturePrize Fast Growth, TELUS ICT and Alberta Innovates Student awards.

* * *

Sensassure – Re-imaging Incontinence Care for Seniors
(Winner of the 2015 VenturePrize Fast Growth Award)

The year has been one big blur for recent University of Alberta graduate and Senassure CEO Sameer Dhar.

Sameer and his team developed an attachable sensor that detects moisture in incontinence briefs, mostly used by seniors in extended care homes.

With wireless connectivity, the moisture sensor could make life much easier for both resident seniors and their care-givers.  A solution that can detect which actual briefs need changing will considerably lighten the care-giver work loads. Users can sleep without constant interruption.

Since winning the 2015 Fast Growth VenturePrize award, Dhar and his seven-person team have been living in nursing homes in Maryland, San Francisco and Paris, Ontario – working with staff and clients around the clock to test and improve Sensassure’s moisture-sensing technology and information system.

Such dedication is now paying off.  Sensassure was one of nine companies accepted in the Bay Area’s Hardware Accelerator Highway #1 program – Highway #1 being the Harvard University of hardware startups.

Sensassure is now working with a leading industrial design firm in Silicon Valley on the final tweaking of its ground-breaking incontinence detection systems.

Revera, one of Canada’s leading extended care providers, has placed a major order for Senassure incontinence sensing devices, even though commercial production is not anticipated before the second quarter of 2017.

Senassure’s latest round of seed funding, to raise $1 million Can., is doing very well.

VenturePrize, says Sameer, gave Senassure credibility. “I was talking to one of our earliest investors,” says Sameer. He said ‘When Sensassure won the TEC Venture Prize, I believe that was a testament to the real progress made and potential behind the product’.”


OMx Inc. – Databases for Scientists and Developers
(Winner of the 2015 VenturePrize TELUS ICT Award)

Rarely has an early stage company like OMx Inc. pivoted so neatly and quickly.

OMx won the TELUS ICT VenturePrize Award as a remote medical check-up service, using the growing health science of metabolomics to analyse clients’ health through urine analysis.  After winning the TELUS ICT VenturePrize, the OMx team concluded certain quality control issues were, at least for now, beyond its capabilities.

OMx had been using an elaborate pharmaceutical databank developed by the University of Alberta’s world-leading metabolomics researcher Dr. David Wishart.

OMx CEO Mike Wilson suggested that Dr. Wishart and the University of Alberta license the medical data processing, gathering and integration database to OMx for commercialization.

Today, OMx’s Drug Bank database is being used by medical researchers and health professionals the world over. The database processes, gathers and integrates enormous amounts of medical research pertaining to drugs and how they work in the body, diseases, interaction of proteins and genes and more uses.  Drug Bank already has been referenced in some 3,000 medical journals.

With 10 employees, OMx has now moved off the University of Alberta campus and into its own quarters at Startup Edmonton. From Drug Bank revenues, OMx is exploring other uses of its magnificent and always updated medical database.


Alberta Craft Malting – Producing Specialty Malts for Alberta Brewers
(Winner of the 2015 VenturePrize Alberta Innovates Student Award)

Tyler Rose and his partner Peter Schill haven’t done too much with Alberta Craft Malting in the past year. After all, both have been in their final year of studies at the Olds College brewery operations management program, hopefully graduating this spring.

The VenturePrize judges were intrigued by the niche in the brewery supply business that Alberta Craft Malting had identified as its potential market. Craft breweries are flourishing in Alberta, but all are buying the same basic malting barley from one or two big companies.

Why not, the student duo ventured, contract the growing of specialized barleys that could be processed in different ways, thus offering craft brewers a range of new beer possibilities?

“We are doing market research to see what the demand is for custom-made malting barley, how we can contract with farmers to grow specialized barley in small quantities,” says Rose. “We’ve also been malting batches of barley here at Olds College, to see how we can ramp up when the time comes.”

If the market analysis is positive, Alberta Craft Malting has investors waiting in the wings. “Certainly we believe there’s potential for a craft malting operation in the province. A specialty malt house in B.C. is doing very well. Once we’ve done the homework, we’ll be up and running,” says Rose. “We’d like to have our first batches ready for sale in one year’s time.”

So the 2015 VenturePrize winners are going strong, creating and growing knowledge-based economic activity within the province.

Good luck, and similar results, to the VenturePrize Class of 2016!

The 2016 TEC VenturePrize business plan competition is just around the corner. Alberta’s leading innovative business awards take place in Edmonton’s Westin Hotel Ballroom on Thursday, April 21, beginning with networking and reception-style food stations at 4:30 p.m.

Tickets for the event are still available at $78.75 each or $52.50 for students.

Three Alberta-based entrepreneurs have now been announced as finalists in the TELUS Information & Communications Technology (ICT) VenturePrize category.

And, from the winners of student business plan competitions held at Alberta universities and technical institutes, the TEC VenturePrize jury has picked three student finalists for the Alberta Innovates Student VenturePrize Competition.

Competing in the TELUS ICT award finals are:

Covet works with costume designers, fashion labels, and TV shows to build interactive TV commerce within the fashion industry. Based in Edmonton, Covet’s smart TV solutions allow the consumer to instantaneously buy a fashion product displayed on television, directly off the TV screen. Covet also offers interactive means for shoppers to purchase fashion accessories and clothing worn by celebrities in TV shows and films.

InstaMek is an on-demand auto repair company. Instead of taking your car to an auto repair shop, you need only to phone InstaMek. A highly trained, certified and licensed mechanic will be sent to you, at your convenience, for at-your-home vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Rentzrey is a cloud-based rent management and tracking platform for landlords and tenants. Rentzrey is bringing rent payments into the 21st century with features such as instantaneous financials for landlords and building credit for tenants.

The three finalists for the Alberta Innovates Student VenturePrize Award are:

Ceres Solutions Ltd.Olds College
Ceres Solutions Ltd. recycles the spent grain used by Alberta brewers. The grain is pasteurized then inoculated with mushroom mycelium to break down left-over fibre, thus producing enough nutritional biomass to produce protein-rich mushroom crops. This biological enhancement is producing value from what was previously a waste by-product from beer brewing.

Chíc – University of Alberta
Developed by Services-On-The-Go, Chíc is an online social network for beauty service providers (aestheticians, hairdressers, massage therapists, etc.) to share their skills, schedules, reviews/ratings, services, prices and more. Clients can use Chíc to search for beauty service providers and use the software application to book appointments online.

Zacxon – University of Alberta
Zacxon Inc. has developed its Property Protection System to protect buildings in cold-climate countries  from indoor water damage caused by the bursting of frozen water pipes. The Property Protection System will detect falling temperatures, issue an alarm, and, if necessary, automatically drain and shut down water pipes. With the Zacxon Property Protection System, properties will never again face frozen pipe issues.

Finalists in all four VenturePrize categories will be showcased at the Awards Celebration on April 21, hosted by emcee Shaye Ganam of Global Edmonton’s Morning News.

The winner of each category walks away with major cash prizes – $30,000 for the TELUS ICT competition and $20,000 for the winner of the Alberta Innovates Student competition, respectively.

Produced by TEC Edmonton, VenturePrize is much a pan-Alberta event, bringing together leaders from the province’s business, innovation and research communities.

The general public is invited to cast online votes for their favorite VenturePrize Fast Growth finalist. The company garnering the most online votes will receive the Edmonton Journal People’s Choice Award, also to be presented at the awards celebration. Online voting is at www.edmontonjournal.com/ventureprize.

For more information about VenturePrize – and to purchase your tickets to the Awards Event on April 21 – visit www.ventureprize.com.

Practical, impactful, immediately implemental business advice.

That’s what TEC TV, a series of fun and fast education videos, aims to do.

Presented by TEC Edmonton, Edmonton’s leading innovative business incubator and accelerator, each four-to-five minute video is an online tool for entrepreneurs to tap into TEC Edmonton’s business advisory expertise. A new video will be added every two weeks.

TEC TV can be accessed via the TEC Edmonton website at www.tecedmonton.com.

thurakan_eir“Video is a different way to get your message across,” says TEC Edmonton sales and marketing advisor and Executive in Residence Kurian Tharakan. “It can have a different impact, a different context and texture than the written word. And, of course, you can watch a video over and over.”

Kurian’s first TEC TV video, “A Simple Pricing Strategy to Increase Your Revenues” is an insightful and entertaining look at how a strategic advertising mix of budget, core and premium brands can greatly increase a retail company’s revenue.

It’s the first of a four videos by Kurian on different aspects of marketing and sales, all under five minutes in length. The series  will culminate in a branding webinar on May 25, called “A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a High Impact Brand.”

In addition to the launch of the TEC TV video series and the May 25 webinar, Kurian will be offering an intensive three-hour workshop on June 15, entitled “Persuasion Strategies – How to Influence, Motivate and Persuade Anyone!” Registration details will soon be available at www.tecedmonton.com.

With over 27 years of sales & marketing experience, Kurian is a senior member of the sales & marketing strategy firm StrategyPeak, and has provided sales and marketing services for companies in many industries.

TEC Edmonton is a joint venture of the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta to accelerate growth of emerging technology-based companies in the Edmonton Alberta region.

Through its people, networks and facilities, TEC Edmonton develops the Edmonton region’s innovation reputation worldwide by commercializing technology from private, university and public sources, helping build successful innovation-based companies, and fostering and promoting innovation and new enterprise development.

Single-camera 3D image reconstruction

Computer vision has become popular for observing remote environments, whether monitoring undersea habitats, or inspecting industrial equipment.  Recovering 3D geometry of a scene using 2D images requires special camera calibration.

University of Alberta researchers have developed a new technology to calibrate and reconstruct underwater 3D images using a single camera, exploiting the triple wavelength dispersion phenomenon. This technology does not require a calibration object and can estimate camera parameters more accurately than any other existing method reported. Using a single camera instead of two cameras in stereo is less expensive and encounters fewer calibration hurdles.

Licensing Opportunity New Method for Single-Camera 3D Underwater Image Reconstruction

Reconstructed 3D model of Folger Passage underwater seafloor observations.

View the full licensing opportunity >

Use of Ampakines as a Novel Therapy for Overcoming Central Respiratory Depression

01Glen Rock, N.J., April 1, 2016/Globe Newswire – RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCQB: RSPI) (“RespireRx” or the “Company”), a leader in the development of medicines for respiratory disorders, including sleep apneas and drug-induced respiratory depression, is providing an update on the Company’s collaborative research and development programs.

Scientists at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida will present their collaborative data on the use of ampakines being developed by RespireRx as a novel therapy for overcoming central respiratory depression at the Experimental Biology Conference being held on April 2 – 6, 2016 in San Diego, California.

Dr. John Greer, Professor of Physiology, University of Alberta and Chairman of the RespireRx Scientific Advisory Board, will present a symposium paper on the use of ampakines to overcome opioid-induced respiratory depression. Dr. Greer’s presentation has direct relevance for the potential to provide a pharmacological solution to assist with the serious and rapidly growing problem of overdose from the use of fentanyl and oxycodone.

Dr. David Fuller, Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Florida, and his research team will present data they generated in a collaborative initiative with Dr. Greer demonstrating that ampakines can significantly improve respiratory function after spinal cord injury. Dr. Greer and Dr. Fuller also demonstrated that ampakines boost the efficacy of an emerging therapy using intermittent hypoxia that strengthens the motor control of patients after spinal cord injury.

Dr. Greer commented, “Dr. Fuller’s laboratory has made impressive progress in demonstrating the potential for ampakine therapy to help patients with spinal cord injury. Our strategy is to collaborate with leading laboratories, such as the research group at the University of Florida, to test our ideas on how ampakines may overcome a wide range of unmet clinical needs related to respiratory depression caused by disease, drugs and injury. These efforts are now starting to show promising results with rapid and exciting progress on a number of fronts.”

Based on the research to be presented by Dr. Greer and a license facilitated through TEC Edmonton on behalf of the University of Alberta, RespireRx recently initiated a clinical trial at the Duke University School of Medicine Clinical Research Unit to study the use ampakines as a means of preventing opioid-induced respiratory depression. “Supporting healthcare innovation has always been a priority for us and we’re delighted to see Dr. Greer’s work proceeding into clinical trials,” said Chris Lumb, CEO of TEC Edmonton. “Dr. Greer’s research is a prime example of the world class innovation produced at the University of Alberta. It’s exciting to see it already demonstrating tremendous potential to improve quality of life for patients faced with respiratory challenges.”

In acknowledgement of the fruitful collaboration between the University of Alberta, the University of Florida and RespireRx, Dr. James S. Manuso, President and Chief Executive Officer of RespireRx stated, “It is an honor for the RespireRx team to ally with such accomplished and productive researchers at the Universities of Alberta and Florida. We look forward to working with our collaborators to develop medicines that have the potential to help patients with a variety of diseases where breathing deficits play a major role, including sleep apneas, respiratory despression, Pompe disease and spinal cord injury.”

Special Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements: Certain statements included or incorporated by reference in this news release, including information as to the future financial or operating performance of the Company and its drug development programs, constitute forward-looking statements. The words “believe,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “contemplate,” “target,” “plan,” “intend,” “continue,” “budget,” “estimate,” “may,” “schedule” and similar expressions identify forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements include, among other things, statements regarding future plans, targets, estimates and assumptions. Forward-looking statements are necessarily based upon a number of estimates and assumptions that, while considered reasonable by the Company, are inherently subject to significant business, economic and competitive uncertainties and contingencies. Many factors could cause the Company’s actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in any forward-looking statements made by, or on behalf of, the Company. Due to these various risks and uncertainties, actual events may differ materially from current expectations. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and, accordingly, investors are cautioned not to put undue reliance on forward-looking statements due to the inherent uncertainty therein. Forward-looking statements are made as of the date of this news release and the Company disclaims any intent or obligation to update publicly such forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or results or otherwise.

Company Contact:
Jeff Margolis Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary
Telephone: (917) 834-7206
E-mail: jmargolis@respirerx.com

Posted: Aug 12, 2019

Telebivudine to Abrogate Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Description Telbivudine Dr. Ted Allison and his team at the University of Alberta have discovered that telbivudine, a blood brain barrier-permeable thymidine analogue approved for treatment of Hepatitis B, is......

Posted: Jun 14, 2019

A Point-of-Care Diagnostic Tool to Replace Chest X-Ray for the Diagnosis of Childhood Pneumonia

Description University of Alberta researchers have discovered a novel set of biomarkers which can be used to diagnose pneumonia in children. The biomarkers include chitinase-3-like-1 (CHI3L1), lipocalin-2 (LCN-2), C-reactive protein......

Posted: Jun 14, 2019

Novel Cell Isolation Method for Bio-engineering Artificial Cartilage

Description University of Alberta researchers have developed a new method to isolate cells from knee joint (meniscus). The isolated cells are non-contractile in nature and do not form scar tissue.......

Posted: Jun 13, 2019

Novel Composite Monolith as a New Solid Phase Extraction Material for Environmental Analysis

Description University of Alberta researchers have developed a new material of a composite silica monolith nested in sponge (SiMNS) for solid phase extraction. The application of the new SiMNS material......

Posted: May 21, 2019

Self Assembling Peptide for Activating Human Mast Cells

Description Researchers at the University of Alberta have developed a novel biomaterial that can activate the body’s own innate immune response and accelerate the wound healing process. This technology may......

Posted: May 21, 2019

An Innocuous Structured Scaffold for Prion Disease Vaccines and Antigens

Description Researchers at the University of Alberta, led by Dr. Holger Wille, have developed a novel strategy for the creation of vaccines and specific antigens for prion protein diseases. Applying......

Posted: May 21, 2019

Spine Mounted Stereotactic System

Description Demonstration of stereotactic setup. An example of a commercially-available micromanipulator is shown. The setup can accommodate any micromanipulator design. Dr. Vivian Mushahwar and her team have developed an image-guided......

Posted: May 15, 2019

Method for the Production of Z-Olefins from 1,3-Dienes

Description Dr. Rylan Lundgren has developed a process for formate-mediated production of Z-olefins (also referred to as cis-alkenes) in the presence of a rhodium-based catalyst. The process is highly selective......

Posted: Apr 3, 2019

A Novel Method to Produce Pitched Kefir for Reducing Cholesterol

Description Researchers at the University of Alberta and TEAGASC have jointly developed a pitched-based method to produce kefir (a fermented milk beverage) that when consumed reduces blood cholesterol levels. The......

Posted: Nov 5, 2018

Novel F-18 Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid Radiotracers for PET Imaging

Description Researchers at the University of Alberta have synthesized novel beta-hydroxybutyric acid radiotracers for PET imaging using a 3 step radiosynthetic process. The compounds are designed to serve as radiofluorinated......

Posted: Nov 5, 2018

A Novel Method for CryoPreservation of Cells in Monolayers

Description Researchers at the University of Alberta have developed a novel method to cryopreserve cells while adhered in a monolayer configuration. This method can preserve cells on a substrate and......

Posted: Oct 30, 2018

Train-Triggered Alert System for Conditioning and Warning Wildlife

Description Researchers at the University of Alberta have developed a novel, inexpensive, and compact system to alert wildlife to approaching trains, increasing the time available to avoid a collision. Rail-caused......