Alberta-based Entrepreneurs to Compete for Grand Prizes in the 2016 TEC VenturePrize Business Plan Competition

Edmonton, AB – March 31, 2016 – Business incubator TEC Edmonton announces the finalists for the 2016 TEC VenturePrize business plan competition in the Fast Growth and DynaLIFE Dx Health streams. The finalists include some of the most promising entrepreneurs from Alberta each with an innovative, new technology contending for grand prize packages to help […]

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Exciton Technologies Inc. Makes Turn to Profitability

Take it from Exciton Technologies founder and President Rod Precht.

Success, he would suggest, does not happen overnight.

In Exciton Technologies case, the silver wound-care dressing manufacturer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, success has been some 10 years in the making.

The long-time TEC Edmonton client and TEC Centre tenant has inked a pivotal expansion of its license […]

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New Method for Single-Camera 3D Underwater Image Reconstruction


Computer vision has become a popular method to explore the underwater environment. Underwater cameras are used for scientific exploration seafloor structure, monitoring undersea habitats, and inspecting industrial equipment. Camera calibration is required for recovering 3D geometry of a scene using 2D images. Despite the remarkable success for land-based camera systems, underwater camera calibration problems such as image distortion and […]

Access Funding to Hire a Graduate Student Intern

Imagine a program that gives you 50 cents to the dollar to hire a smart, talented and driven graduate student to grow your business.

With the support of a Government of Alberta grant, the University of Alberta’s Graduate Student Internship Program (GSIP) provides employers up to $8,000 in matching funding to hire graduate students on flexible […]

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Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Tracer 18F-FAZA: A useful companion diagnostic in several hypoxic tumors

Medical imaging based on positron emission tomography (PET) is a key element of modern patient care in oncology.  PET requires the administration of a radionuclide-containing imaging agent to the patient.  Such imaging agents are prepared in the radiopharmacies of medical imaging centres from reagent kits that are used in combination with automated synthetic units.

Recently, researchers […]

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Israeli Ambassador Rafael Barak Visits TEC Edmonton

As a productive meeting with TEC Edmonton’s CEO Chris Lumb, Vice President of Technology Management Jayant Kumar and Director of Strategic Partnerships Chris Diaper drew to a close, Israel’s ambassador to Canada made a cheerful observation.

“My title should not be ‘ambassador,’” chuckled Rafael Barak. “I would be better described as match-maker.”

Israel is considered to be a […]

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New directions for TEC Edmonton client KMT Hepatech

The legendary stories in Edmonton’s medical research circles are about the ones that got away.

The breast cancer vaccine drug Biomira, Isotechnika’s anti-rejection drug, BioMS Medical’s promising cure for multiple sclerosis: All were products of the fertile minds of University of Alberta medical researchers.  All came close to the brass ring. As publicly traded companies, billions […]

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TEC Edmonton helps patent and license bio-derived carbon nanosheets

If, or, more likely, when Dr. David Mitlin’s patented, bio-derived carbon nanosheets become a basic building block for the next generation of energy storage, the University of Alberta will have minor bragging rights.

Dr. Mitlin was a professor and leading researcher in the Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta for 10 […]

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TEC Edmonton: Comings and Goings

TEC Edmonton, as Edmonton’s leading high-tech business accelerator, believes front-line experience is the best attribute its business advisors can bring to startup and ramp-up business clients.

The accelerator delivers its business advisory services through its Executive-In-Residence program. Experienced business people and serial entrepreneurs are sought out to provide those services.

TEC Edmonton encourages the Executives-In-Residence to look […]

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