Non-Contact, High Resolution Microwave Sensing in Air, Liquid or Solid


Microwave resonance technology is used for various sensing applications in areas such as material identification and classification, environmental system and food industry monitoring, and biomedical diagnostics. Conventionally, this technology has suffered from low sensitivity and resolution. Quality factor plays a critical role in determining sensitivity, resolution, and minimum detectable signal of the sensor. A microwave resonance device with a high quality factor can lead to […]

Arthritis detection kit JOINTstat™ a direct result of University of Alberta research

It’s a fine feeling for a medical researcher to see the transformation of his or her research into a convenient and affordable product that will improve thousands of lives.

But it must be even finer to realize the initial product is just a beginning, that more research, building on previous discoveries, might not only improve, but […]

Method to Create High-Quality Bio-Based Resins and Composites Using Renewable Oils

Resins and composites are used in various industries including plastics, paints and varnishes, rust and wood protection, and floor tiling. Toxic, petroleum-based resins and composites have been used in the manufacturing industry for years. The use of petroleum-derived materials are becoming less and less attractive due to the uncertainty of future supplies, environmental concerns, and […]

DynaLIFE dX and NanoSpeed Diagnostics team up to improve access to diagnostic testing results

The Edmonton Examiner has published an informative story on the new partnership between one of Edmonton’s most successful health product companies NanoSpeed Diagnostics and DynaLIFE dX Laboratory Services, a multi-year research project to find better ways for patients and doctors to access diagnostic information.

The partnership promotes expertise and supporting health innovation at the regional level. […]

Technology Management Highlights (January)

TEC Edmonton’s Technology Management team offers expert advice on intellectual property matters which often lead to new patents, licensing agreements and company spin-offs.


Biological Skeletal System Monitoring

US Patent 9,161,709 (Biological Skeletal System Monitoring) issued October 20th, 2015​ covers a new method and system to assess injuries, pathologies and fitness of the back and spine.  The patent […]

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TEC Edmonton and DynaLife Dx Partner to Support New Edmonton Health Companies

Edmonton, AB – January 21, 2016 – DynaLIFE Dx and TEC Edmonton are pleased to announce a two-year partnership designed to encourage the growth of new, innovative Edmonton companies, especially in the health sector.DynaLIFE Dx will be sponsoring a new health-company stream in the annual TEC VenturePrize Business Plan Competition.  All participating health-based start-ups will have […]

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Through ATB Financial, Alberta Enterprise Corporation and AIMCo, Alberta government loosening up investment capital for entrepreneurs

In its recent 2015-16 budget, the government of Alberta put some serious financial meat on the bones of diversifying Alberta’s economy and encouraging the development of knowledge-based entrepreneurial enterprise.

Most significant was the allocation of an additional $1.5 billion in capital reserves to provincial government lender ATB Financial – enabling the government-owned financial institution to potentially […]

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