Polymer Nanofibers for Rapid Dewatering of Fine Tailings

The main objective of tailings ponds remediation is to remove water so that a trafficable load-bearing surface can be produced within a reasonable time frame to allow subsequent reclamation. A tailings pond includes water, sand, clay and residual oil that remain after oil sands processing. Once in the pond, the sand quickly sinks to the bottom […]

Photocleavable Affinity Tags for Ultra Pure Protein Purification

Affinity tags are highly efficient tools for purifying proteins from crude extracts. However, most affinity purification elusion schemes require a change in buffer condition, such as addition of imidazole or a decrease in pH. This change in buffer conditions may cause some proteins that are non-specifically bound to the resin to elute as contaminants and […]

Pea (Pisum Sativum L.) Seed Coat and Seed Coat Fractions Novel Health-Beneficial Ingredients for Animal and Human Diets

Pulse grains, including dried peas, are rich sources of fibre with low glycemic indices and bioactive components such as the flavonoids proanthocyanidins (PACs or condensed tannins). Their unique nutritional profile has led to many studies investigating different varieties of pulses in terms of their health benefits. Evidence is mounting that PACs have a beneficial effect […]

Highlights from the TEC Edmonton Health Summit and Health Venture Forum

It was a bit of a love-in all the way round at the first TEC Edmonton Health Summit on Nov. 23, 2015, as national bio-tech industry leaders, service partners, industry sponsors and innovative health-company clients all praised TEC Edmonton’s TEC Health Accelerator program on the occasion of its first birthday.

The message being delivered in Edmonton’s […]

The TEC Edmonton Health Accelerator Program: One Year Later

Just a year ago, TEC Edmonton launched its TEC Health Accelerator program (located within TEC Edmonton’s Business Development Group) with the then-ambitious goal of assisting in the creation or growth of at least 50 health-related companies in the province of Alberta by 2020.

It wasn’t so much about creating companies.  Alberta, and in particular Edmonton, has […]

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TEC Centre: Home to Edmonton’s Rising Entrepreneurs

In 2005, the University of Alberta boldly purchased and renovated the long-empty Hudson’s Bay department store in downtown Edmonton.

Re-christened as Enterprise Square, the building re-opened in 2007 as the University’s portal to the city’s business community.

The fourth floor has particular significance.

Built on what was the Hudson’s Bay rooftop, the TEC Centre houses both the offices […]

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Technology Management Highlights (November)

TEC Edmonton’s Technology Management team offers expert advice on intellectual property matters which often lead to new patents, licensing agreements and company spin-offs.


Optimization of a yeast platform for biosynthesis of hexadecanol and octadecanol

The Technology Management team has helped Dr. David Stuart secure a $125,000 NSERC I2I phase I grant entitled “Optimization of a yeast platform […]

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CQuest Partners Acquires Commercial License for Next-Generation Energy Storage Technology

CQuest Partners LLC of Wellington, FL have acquired from the University of Alberta the global commercial development license to the patents and intellectual property that cover the processes that synthesize graphene-like carbon nanosheets from bio-precursors such as hemp fiber, peanut shells, and other organic matter.

Developed by Dr. David Mitlin(now of Clarkson University) and his team, […]

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Press Release: DynaLIFE Dx Introduces New Healthcare Innovation Competition into TEC Edmonton’s VenturePrize

Alberta healthcare entrepreneurs can compete for a shared
prize package of over $35,000 to support their innovative solution

Edmonton, AB – November 12, 2015 – Business accelerator TEC Edmonton announced today a new partnership with leading health diagnostics company DynaLIFE Dx. The partnership introduces a brand new healthcare stream for the TEC VenturePrize business plan competition, inviting Alberta healthcare entrepreneurs […]

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Redliner™: Activity Monitor for Wheelchair Users

Researchers at the University of Alberta have developed Redliner™, a wheelchair activity monitor that can measure upper body over-exertion for wheelchair users, a situation the research team calls “Redlining”. The device is ‘worn by the wheelchair’ and includes a sensor system that connects to mobile devices like cell-phones. The Redliner acivity monitor can display wheel […]