The Cadillac of Colour Finishings

TEC Edmonton Works with Innovator Cadillac Coatings on its Finishing Touches

Nobody said entrepreneurship would be easy.

But if Cadillac Coatings Corporate Administrator Cheryl Pidzarko had known…

Fifteen years ago, her husband Dennis Pidzarko, now President of Cadillac Coatings, owned a custom cabinet shop. He’d long been concerned about the quality and look of colour finishings on wood, […]

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TEC Edmonton Releases Its 2014-15 Annual Report

The TEC Edmonton 2014-15 Annual Report marks another successful year in the development and growth of Greater Edmonton and Alberta innovation-based companies.

Our clients’ success is our success. The cumulative growth of TEC Edmonton’s business clients from 2011-2012 to 2014-15, from our fourth Client Economic Outcomes Survey as reported in the 2014-15 Annual Report, confirms that […]

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Extraordinary Adsorbents: Cleaner, Greener Technology

University of Alberta molecular sieve expert Dr. Steve Kuznicki has worked with TEC Edmonton on many fronts.

TEC helped Dr. Kuznicki establish Extraordinary Adsorbents Inc., to commercialize three proven Kuznicki separation processes, all holding great promise as cleaner, greener, safer, faster and cheaper processes than existing separation technology. The company’s TEC Centre lab is about ramping […]

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