Nano-computing potential at University of Alberta attracts Lockheed Martin

The future of computing just might be located on the fourth floor of the National Institute for Nanotechnology Building on the University of Alberta campus, in the headquarters of Quantum Silicon Inc, or QSi.

QSi is the commercialization vehicle for some 30 years of research by nano-science researcher and physics professor Dr. Robert Wolkow.

Dr. Wolkow’s expertise […]

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3D Reconstruction of Transparent and Reflective Objects

3D object reconstruction is widely used in a number of industries to create a three dimensional digital model of a physical object.  Traditional acquisition systems rely on the expected light reflecting patterns off an object which can cause poor reconstruction when the object is transparent, reflective or refractive.  Researchers at the University of Alberta have […]

TEC Edmonton’s Health Accelerator + Innovate Calgary’s Kinetica Ventures get funding go-ahead

Much celebration was witnessed on Nov. 21, 2014, when the Hon. Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health, came to the TEC Centre in Edmonton’s Enterprise Square to announce funding to TEC Edmonton and Innovate Calgary for two major initiatives that can justly be expected to influence the economic future of Alberta.

The Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program, […]

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Light-Emitting Diode Compatible with Silicon Microelectronics

The drive for more components (per unit area) on a microelectronics chip necessitates more interconnects between them. As the feature size of these interconnects shrinks and the interconnects are packed in more tightly, problems such as RC time delay, heating or power dissipation, and electromagnetic interference (crosstalk) become more prevalent. One possibility to overcome this […]

Delta Genomics now a full-fledged not-for-profit genomic testing service

It’s all very well to frame genomics – the science that combines genetic information with functional trait information – just as a crucial Canadian agriculture business tool but there’s higher motive at work here.

“The reality,” says Delta Genomics CEO Colin Coros, “is the world needs to know how to produce enough food for nine billion […]

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Surrogate Spinal Cord

A surrogate spinal cord simulates both the mechanical and surface properties of an actual spinal cord for laboratory testing of spinal implants. In the construction of this surrogate spinal cord, the modulus of the cord was chosen to match that of a human spinal cord, while the interfacial properties (which control the stress that develops […]

The wit and wisdom of U of A alumnus Bindi Karia, AKA the “Queen of Startups,” Bindi Karia

University of Alberta School of Business 1994 graduate Bindi Karia came back to Edmonton on November 7, 2014 to be the featured guest at the School of Business Alumni Association Annual Dinner in the Winspear Centre.

After graduation, Karia went on to London, England where, with a major accounting firm, she developed expertise in working with […]

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Silicon Nanocrystal Optical Resonator

Silicon is the principal material used in microelectronics, due in part to its low cost and high abundance. However, there are problems inherent in the miniaturization of conventional microelectronics, such as cross-talk (interference) and increased heat dissipation. To overcome these challenges and to increase the speed of computing, there is a push towards photonics, particularly […]

Highly Accurate, Automated People Counting Algorithm for Video Analytics

Counting a person only once while the person passes through the field of view (FOV) is required in many video analytic applications such as keeping track of transit passenger numbers in railway stations, pedestrian volume monitoring in road intersections and malls, aiding in security, resource management and urban planning. The principle roadblock in most of the video analytic techniques […]