Non-Radiating In-Situ Heating for Oil Sands

Viscosity is a major obstacle in the recovery of low gravity oil resources from heavy oil and bitumen reservoirs. Traditional oil recovery and well stimulation techniques using hot steam or fluid are not efficient due to prohibitive heat losses from injection wells and reservoirs. More importantly, commonly used thermal recovery methods cause greenhouse effects, adversely […]

Polymer-Based Muscles and Actuators

Materials that spontaneously undergo a change in structure, for example, from a two dimensional (2D) to three dimensional (3D) structure in response to external stimuli have been of great interest as artificial muscles, and for fabricating novel actuators, switches, valves and in robotics. Hydrogels are of particular interest owing to their mechanical properties, chemical diversity, […]

M31’s “GoAsAGroup” Solves Group Ticket Sales

Group sales for sports or other ticketed events have always been problematic.

The organizer must chase the group members for commitment, payment and then arrange ticket  distribution. Meanwhile, the sports team is missing out on building its data base of customer names and contact information. All the club knows is that 30 tickets have been sold.

Enter […]

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GO Technologies’ Moisture Skid Unit

Perhaps it’s a good thing when a new product is a little ahead of its time.

GO Technologies’ “Moisture Skid Unit” is an inexpensive, small-scale unit that captures “waste” natural gas in oil fields where a small portion of natural gas is naturally mixed with the oil flowing up from underground formations.

The unit ingeniously feeds the […]

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