VenturePrize winners tell the Capital Ideas forum how it’s done

Forgive the TEC Edmonton personnel in the audience Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at the Edmonton Journal Capital Ideas “How do I turn my idea into a business” forum.

Forgive them if they looked like proud parents at their kid’s graduation. The three featured panelists, Joel Wegner of Menutria (formerly MyMenu), Meghan Dear of Localize and Deepak […]

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New Optimized Receiver for Pilot Symbol Assisted Modulation (PSAM)

Pilot Symbol Assisted Modulation is a wireless communications method for reducing the effects of a fading signal. By periodically inserting known ‘pilot’ symbols into a transmitter’s data stream, a receiver is able to derive an estimation of a fading channel’s amplitude and phase reference. This channel gain estimate allows the receiver to compensate for fading, […]

Low Loss Meta-Material Optical Waveguides

The researchers at the University of Alberta have developed a new class of optical waveguides with a meta-material cladding which enables strong confinement of energy within the waveguides making it an ideal choice for Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) and optical communication systems. Unlike many other existing approaches, the current approach does not suffer from propagation […]