Small molecule inhibitors of PNKP, a DNA repair enzyme, for cancer therapy

Researchers at the University of Alberta have identified potent small molecule inhibitors of a new DNA repair target, human polynucleotide kinase/phosphatase (PNKP). PNKP is an important enzyme in the DNA break repair pathway that processes and restores both double strand and single strand DNA breaks.  Many aggressive cancers up-regulate DNA repair enzymes and become resistant […]

Fast, Low-Power Decoders for LDPC Codes

Low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes are used in communications technologies to successfully send a message over a noisy channel. These codes come much closer to the theoretical maximum transmission rate than other methods. Unfortunately the conventional (logarithm likelihood ratio or LLR) message scheme of LDPC decoders requires complex algorithms involving time, power, and memory intensive hyperbolic […]

TEC Edmonton at the 2014 national Startup Canada Awards: How far we’ve come

There’s always a long way to go. But it’s good to look back and see how far you’ve come.

The Edmonton innovation ecosystem is starting to function as it should, as witnessed by the national Startup Canada 2014 Awards won by organizations and individuals from Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

Technology-based business incubator and accelerator TEC Edmonton was […]

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UA Solve and TEC Edmonton bring university expertise to off-campus inventions like Ron Szepesy’s SureShot pump

Inventor Ron Szepesy keeps learning how much he does not know about his invention: the revolutionary Zoltec SureShot pump.

“Which is a good thing,” he says.

Zoltec is a startup company in Alberta, one of the first to take advantage of TEC Edmonton and the University of Alberta’s UA SolVe program.

“I had developed the pump in a […]

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Method for Vitrification of Articular Cartilage for Long Term Storage

Osteochondral allografting is an effective technique for treating osteochondral defects; however, its utility is limited by the availability of clinically suitable osteochondral tissues. Current methods allow only for short term hypothermic storage of human articular cartilage (AC) where cell deterioration begins after 7-14 days, thus limiting the clincial use of this tissue. These limitations reveal […]

New Methods of Phosvitin Extraction from Egg Yolk

Phosivitin is a principal phosphoprotein in egg yolk, representing about 11% of egg yolk proteins and about 4% of yolk dry matter. It exhibits many advantageous properties that would be useful to various industries, including, notably, a greater metal chelating ability than casein phosphopeptides, which are currently used in calcium supplementing agents. Phosvitin also exhibits […]

Reduced Cost 3D Ultrasound Imaging

Researchers at the University of Alberta have developed a cost-effective method for 3D ultrasound imaging that maintains image quality.

There are two traditional ways to accomplish 3D ultrasound imaging. The first method makes use of mechanically wobbled 1D arrays; however, this method has been shown to compromise imaging speed and quality. The second method uses 2D […]

Introducer for Intervertebral Implant

Spinal fusion procedure is a surgical technique used to eliminate abnormal motion of the spine by combining two or more vertebrae. In 2006, approximately 450,000 spinal fusion procedures were performed in the United States alone. Posterior spine distractors are used to access the intervertebral disc space as to allow insertion of intervertebral implant in such […]

Novel precursors for the PET radiotracer [18F]FAZA

FAZA is a PET radiotracer that selectively accumulates in hypoxic cells. It was invented and developed at the Cross Cancer Institute of Alberta and is currently used in several medical centers to assess tumor hypoxia in cancer patients. FAZA shows improved tracer pharmacokinetics in comparison to other ‘first generation’ clinical hypoxia PET tracers, giving higher […]