VenturePrize 2014 – A celebration and examination of Greater Edmonton’s innovation system

Award competitions are one thing – the excitement, the nervousness of contenders, the ecstasy of the winners, the disappointment of the runners-up, the “grip ‘n’ grins” photos of winners holding up over-sized cheques.

Reviewing the state of the industry – the innovation support system of Alberta – is another.

That’s perhaps the true magic of the annual […]

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Easily Fabricated Hollow Optical Waveguides Including Tapers

Optical waveguides are devices that guide electromagnetic waves along a desired path, and with a minimum of loss from the generating point to the point of application. Air-core (hollow) optical waveguides enable controlled interaction between an optical beam and a gaseous or liquid medium, and thus have tremendous potential for applications in the telecommunications, computing, […]

New Method of Managing Sclerotinia Sclertiorum

Canola (Brassica sp) producers typically manage Sclerotinia sclertiorum, commonly known as white mould or stem rot, through crop rotations or fungicides; however, each method has a drawback. Crop rotations are often only effective if the rotation is relatively long (up to six years), and fungicides offer no protection once the crop shows signs of infection, […]


A novel technique for stem-cell storage and preservation
Cryopreservation is a core enabling technology for the transplantation of natural and engineered cells and tissues. Successful transplantation of human cells is critically dependent on the number of functional cells transplanted. The current gold-standard in cell preservation, however, relies on cryoprotectants, chemicals that reduce damage to the cells […]

Cost Effective MEMS Manufacturing Method for Gecko Inspired Dry Adhesives

Many adhesives require a liquid component, are one time use, or leave a residue upon removal.  Molecular scale Van der Waals forces that result between smooth surfaces in very close contact can be utilized to overcome many of these issues.


Researchers at the University of Alberta have developed an improved micro-electromechanical manufacturing technique that can more […]

Radient Technologies – an overnight success, 13 years in the making

It was an overnight success, 13 years in the making.

Radient Technologies was incorporated in 2001.

On June 4, 2014, with the grand opening of its new manufacturing plant on Edmonton’s South Side at 4035 101 St, the progression of Radient’s Microwave Assisted Processing (MAP™) from laboratory to full-scale commercial production was complete.

MAP, dreamed up in a […]

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Technology circle: Edmonton company Ceapro licenses new university-developed technology

Chalk it up to coincidence, serendipity … or the entrepreneurial startup environment that permeates Northern Alberta.

Edmonton-based Ceapro Inc. is a biotechnology company that uses its proprietary technology to extract natural ingredients from oats and other plants, ingredients used by major players in the personal and health care industries.

Ceapro was challenged, as were most other companies […]

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Optical Measurement System for Measuring Liquid Properties

The researchers at the University of Alberta have developed a new apparatus and method for measuring the quality and optical properties of liquid in a commercial test cell using the principle of low coherence interferometry. This technique is highly suited for testing and observing phase transitions and condensation of hydrocarbon samples at high pressure and […]