TEC Edmonton is pleased to have played a role in another milestone for University of Alberta researcher Dr. Dileepan Joseph’s advanced image sensor prototype.

 Dr. Joseph, a  University of Alberta electrical and computer engineering professor, has been awarded an “I2I” (Idea-To- Innovation) one year grant of $125,000 from NSERC, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, to further develop his prototype.

TEC Edmonton Technology Transfer Officer Alessandro Vena and Business Development Associate Khalid Hansraj worked with Dr. Joseph on the major grant application..
Dr. Joseph’s sensor has implications for the digital imaging world. His team is working towards combining high contrast levels, from bright light sources to dark shadows, together with the ability to capture very low light levels.

THE NSERC I2I grant enables Dr. Joseph to further develop his prototype, preparing for presentation to the digital marketplace.