TEC Edmonton must be the only outfit in Alberta that cheers when four top executives exit simultaneously.

Why cheers rather than groans?

Because the four - Shaheel Hooda, Denis Taschuk, Kyle Kasawski and Bern Philip – are leaving their positions as “Executives-in-Residence” at TEC Edmonton to become the CEOs of current or former TEC Edmonton client companies.
Is this not EXACTLY what TEC Edmonton is supposed to do?
To take fledgling high-tech/innovative companies under its wise business wings, offer them invaluable business assistance and then launch them into the world to create knowledge-intensive jobs, to create wealth and pay taxes in Edmonton and all Northern Alberta.
To provide exciting  career opportunities that our best and brightest, our future leaders, can stay in the region, raise their families here and contribute back to society.
And. finally, to create an entrepreneurial class in town that’ll doggedly keep trying until they succeed.
TEC Edmonton’s Executives-in-Residence are recruited from the business world to mentor TEC’s client companies.
As individuals who have started and sold companies, who are entrepreneurial by nature, they are not expected to hang around TEC Edmonton as a career.
In fact, if they spot a business opportunity ( hopefully in Edmonton), TEC Edmonton encourages them  to go forth, to become part of TEC Edmonton’s extensive business network outside of TEC Edmonton’s offices in the downtown Enterprise Square.
TEC Edmonton Executive Vice-President of Business Development Dr. Randy Yatscoff calls his departing executives “The Presidents’ Club.”
Shaheel Hooda, an IT expert who ran the firm Code Baby before it moved to the USA, will be President and CEO of Element Industrial Solutions, a former TEC Edmonton corporate client. Element Industrial Solutions provides a software solution for major industrial construction management.  Shaheel, with his vast experience of working as a business advisor to dozens of TEC Edmonton client companies,  thinks this is a company with unlimited potential.
Denis Taschuk spent much of his Executive-In-Residence time assisting Radient Technologies in its move to Edmonton, helping Radient find investors, assisting in Radient’s successful search to find a physical home. Now he takes over the reins of a company that offers a patented, exciting and environmentally friendly means of extracting natural compounds from plant materials for the pharmaceutical industry.
Bern Philip originally came to TEC Edmonton for assistance in developing his own bio-technology firm Bertech Pharma. He liked TEC so much that he wound up working for TEC Edmonton part-time while still developing Bertech Pharma. With his own company’s product – a diagnostic tool to detect early stage colorectal cancer - ready for lift-off, Bern had decided to concentrate 100% of his time on Bertech Pharma.
Kyle Kasawski joined TEC Edmonton as an alternative energy expert. He was a leader in Alberta’s young solar energy sector before selling, with his partners, ETI Solar Energy Technologies. He’s leaving TEC Edmonton for a business and innovation opportunity with Landmark Homes, where he will head up the progressive home builder’s solar power division, offering home buyers a chance to plug directly into the sun.
“I learned so much during my time with TEC Edmonton,” says Shaheel. “I wish I knew as much back then (when he was CEO of Code Baby) as I know now, especially in building business networks. TEC Edmonton is absolutely vital to growing the innovation eco-system in Alberta.”
Replacing the expertise of Shaheel, Kyle, Bern and Denis are former Deloitte life science financial expert Jason Ding, IT entrepreneur Jim Armstrong and venture capitalist Mike Cabigon (who continues to be managing partner of Foundation Equity).
They join the on-going Executive-In-Residence team of life science business expert Reg Joseph, natural sciences entrepreneur Steve Jakeway, Ag-Biotech expert Darrell Petras, accountant and consultant Derek Hudson, life sciences entrepreneur and academic Peter Silverstone and business development manager Andrew Pryor.
The fabulous four – Shaheel, Denis, Kyle and Bern – are leaving TEC Edmonton to run the companies they nurtured as Executives-In-Residence.
Isn’t that just the most perfect way for TEC Edmonton to meet its societal mandate – to “help smart people transform smart inventions into smart businesses”?