The three premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia held a joint press conference on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2011 following their "New West Partnership" meeting.

From a technology/innovation perspective, the premiers - Alberta's Alison Redford, Saskatchewan's Brad Wall and B.C.'s Christy Clark continue to emphasize the need for innovation in health care, agriculture, energy and environmental technologies to spur Western Canada's economic growth and to continue to promote the region's natural and intellectual resources to new international markets. 

"As we move forward," Redford is quoted in the Wed. Dec. 14, 2011 Edmonton Sun, "the innovation agenda and research agenda - in terms of how we can continue to be one of the greatest producers of food in the world - will be very important in terms of economic development and diversification."  

The Premiers also agreed that the federal government should continue to provide the current 6% escalator in the Canada Health Transfer to support health innovation.

 The New West Partnership of the three Western Canadian provinces has created Canada’s largest interprovincial barrier-free trade and investment market. The three westernmost provinces work together in unprecedented ways to the benefit of workers, businesses and investors in all three provinces.

Examples of NWP success include, removing labour barriers, streamlining business registration and reporting requirements and common regulations and practices in the transportation sector.Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan launched the New West Partnership in 2010 creating an economic powerhouse of nine-million people with a combined GDP of more than $550 billion.