The AITF - Alberta Innovates/Technology Futures' nanoWorks program will be accepting Expressions of Collaborations from industry and academic/R&D Institution collaboration teams for a December 15th, 2011 deadline.

NanoWorks is a key piece of the Alberta Nanotechnology Strategy, through which nanotechnology research and commercialization collaboration initiatives are undertaken with industry partners to yield nano-enabled solutions to industrial challenges and build a strong nanotechnology industry sector in Alberta.

NanoWorks delivers funds jointly with industry to increase industry’s access to Alberta’s micro-nano-technology (MNT) infrastructure, and stimulate industry-institutional research and product development collaborations.

The program, also aims to increase the number and quality of innovation and implementation teams in Alberta that lead to successful new MNT products and MNT product-based companies.

Companies and researchers that may have qualifying collaboration projects may submit to nanoWorks for funding.

Applications must focus on nano-enabled products and applications specific to energy and environment, health and medical technologies or agriculture and forestry sectors.

They also must include well-defined project descriptions that clearly articulate the industry problems they are addressing, the roles of industry and research partners and the level of industry investment.

Application forms and more information will soon be available on the AITF website.

The direct contact individual is Ange Kadima, Director, Industry Partnerships, Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures
 (780) 450-5111,