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Past VenturePrize winner Aquila Diagostics receives major grant for its lab-on-chip Accurtas technology

Some good funding news for past TEC VenturePrize winner Aquila Diagnostics.

The University of Alberta spin-out company, with U of A School of Public Health researcher Stephanie Yanow, has been awarded a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Proof of Principle program grant worth $143,000 to further develop Aquila's  Accurtas technology - allowing field technicians to quickly, easily and inexpensively test for malaria and possibly other infectious diseases. 

See the full story, "lab on a chip" malaria test a step closer to real-world use, online at the University of Alberta news.  


How Campus Alberta will spend its additional $32.5 million from Alberta 2014/15 budget

In a press release dated April 3, 2014, the Alberta Government announces details of how 2014 Budget increased Advanced Education funds will be spent - primarily in adding 2,000 new spaces for high-demand programs.


The TEC Venture Angels Forum - Four local startups pitch for cash from local investors

The TEC Venture Angels had its big announcement of a new show – the merger of the VA Angels private angel investors’ Edmonton chapter with TEC Edmonton – back in early February. Last month, in the TEC Edmonton Atrium in Edmonton’s Enterprise Square on March 20, 2014, Episode One took place. The TEC Venture Angels Forum was the new, improved version of angel investing in Northern Alberta, a presentation of four startup companies looking for investment capital. But these companies had been “juried” by TEC Edmonton’s business development team, deemed to be companies and entrepreneurs ready, or nearly ready, to attract outside investment money. The primary objective of TEC Venture Angels is to match its angel investor members with credible entrepreneurs presenting sound investment opportunities: To start a dance that will (hopefully) end with an angel investor sinking substantial sums of money into young companies with the expectation of a serious return not too far do ...

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TEC Edmonton welcomes AIMCo as event sponsor of TEC 2014 VenturePrize Awards

TEC Edmonton is delighted to welcome AIMCo as a Gold event sponsor of the TEC VenturePrize Awards, being held In Hall D of the Edmonton Shaw Conference Centre on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) is one of Canada’s largest and most diversified institutional investment fund managers, with an investment portfolio of approximately $70 billion. AIMCo invests globally on behalf of its clients, 28 pension, endowment and government funds in the Province of Alberta. The pension funds meet the retirement income needs of nearly 310,000 active and retired public sector employees. In 2012, these funds paid out nearly $1.3 billion in pension payments, refunds and transfers to other plans. The government funds we manage are used for Albertans’ priorities such as health care, education, infrastructure and social programs. TEC Edmonton is most grateful that AIMCo and the following companies and organizations have chosen to support Edmonton’s leading not-for-profit ...

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VenturePrize 2014 finalists are named in all three categories, vying for $170,000 in cash and services

Now the competition grows fast and furious. The finalists, three in each category of the TEC VenturePrize business plan competition for innovation Alberta startup companies, have been picked. Things get exciting. At stake in the three VenturePrize categories – The inaugural TELUS Information & Communication Technologies’ award, the Fast Growth Competition,and Student Business Plan Competition - is a lot of money, big money, i.e. a total of $170,000 in cash and services. But the money is nothing compared to the prestige, publicity and business momentum gained by winning at Alberta’s best-known innovative and startup business awards.   “In the span of a two-week period after winning VenturePrize,” recalls Ian Atkinson of the 2012 Fast Growth winner Innovative Trauma Care. “We estimate there were 18 million (Internet) impressions of our product and website.” Innovative Trauma Care’s lead product, the ITClamp™ is now being sold world-wide. C ...

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Technology Highlights (Apr. 03, 2014)

TEC Edmonton helps researchers protect, develop and commercialize new technologies.   New Licenses GreenCentre   TEC Edmonton and GreenCentre have negotiated a license that grants GreenCentre the exclusive right to further develop and commercialize a novel catalyst immobilization technology developed by Dr. Steven Bergens of the University of Alberta’s Department of Chemistry.   This technology offers the potential to reuse what are traditionally toxic and expensive catalysts for the preparation of fine chemicals such as pharmaceuticals and fragrances.  This promises a more environmentally friendly method to manufacture these important materials while offering significant cost and process advantages as well.   New Grants NSERC I2I Phase 1   The technology transfer team has aided Dr. John Salmon and Dr. Andy Knight in securing an NSERC I2I Phase 1 grant worth $125,000 for building an industry scale prototype system for power efficiency gains in induction mac ...

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TEC Edmonton partnering in "Zero 2014, working toward a Low Carbon Future," April 15 to 17, 2014 at the Shaw Conference Centre

Most Albertans know that the provincial government has made a $2 billion commitment to the development of carbon capture and storage technology – one of the largest commitments of public funds in the world in order to lower global greenhouse gas emissions. But most are likely unaware of a parallel initiative. Alberta’s not-for-profit Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) collects $70 million a year from North America’s first "carbon tax".  If industry emitters exceed pre-determined intensity limits, they have a choice of pursuing other "off-set" options, or simply paying a $15 per excess CO2 tonne penalty. The funds are directed to industry/university research grants to encourage further development of new carbon-reducing technologies.  (The carbon tax levy is currently under provincial review.)  TEC Edmonton is delighted to be partnering with the  CCEMC, the City of Edmonton and other organizations in Zero 2014, a Conferen ...

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Technology at the University of Alberta - transmitting electricity in a "quasi-wireless way"

"Imagine your next house with no wall plugs, and, finally, an end to that messy tangle of electric cords behind the television or around the computer desk."

An excellent introduction by Edmonton Journal writer Sheila Pratt to a story about U of A engineering prof Charles Van Neste's research into wireless energy transfer.

Exciting stuff! Story and video at U of A professors engineering a cordless world of the future, originally published in the

Edmonton Journal on March 22, 2014.

Dave Hancock on Alberta's new Social Innovation Endowment Fund

  Dave Hancock, Alberta's Deputy Premier and Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education, offers interesting insight into his government's new Social Innovation Endowment Fund. (posted March 18, 2014)

"In essence, the Social Innovation Fund is about applying a strategy similar to that used to create innovation in business and technology ...It is important to recognize that social innovation is not the preserve of government. It is about partnership among government, non-profits and the private sector. It is this collaboration that will drive social innovation forward. To be truly effective, social innovation must cross all sectors and all boundaries. It cannot be owned by any one group or organization."

Bringing geomatic services and technology to market via TEC Edmonton expertise and TECTERRA funding

The province of Alberta and its other partners in TECTERRA are so pleased with the success of TECTERRA’s programs encouraging geomatic commercialization, that TECTERRA is rarin’ to do more. TECTERRA is a not-for-profit agency set up to support the development and commercialization of the geomatics technology in Alberta and across Canada. Geomatics refers to any technology or business service associated with two- or three-dimensional mapping, from environmental pollution monitoring, to directional well drilling, to automated tractors that through global positioning systems (GPS) and computer technology are literally able to steer themselves. Programs are available through approved service providers like TEC Edmonton to help geomatics-based young  technology companies fully commercialize their products – to provide basic business planning, identify business opportunities, personnel placement and so on. TECTERRA funds business plans and entrepreneur mentoring that will lead to the comm ...

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