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TEC Venture Angels invest in four Edmonton startups

Members of the TEC Venture Angels decided to invest in four Edmonton startups – SAM IO and Granify received $200,000 between them. Innovative Trauma Care, back for a third funding round, raised $110,000. VenturePrize runner-up and TEC Centre tenant Log-In Radius was rewarded with $50,000.

The investments from the TEC Venture Angel group represented investor confidence. The four companies have since gone on to leverage the Venture Angel’s initial investments, raising close to $4 million in total.

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Technology Highlights (Aug. 1, 2014)

New Grants
TEC Edmonton has helped Dr. Douglas Barlage in securing an NSERC I2I Phase 1 grant worth $125,000 for developing a novel ZnO source-gated thin film transistor for integrated circuit applications.
New Patents
The University of Alberta has received an issued patent on July 8, 2014 for bisphosphonate conjugated calcitonin compositions to treat bone disorders such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis that were developed by Dr. Michael Doschak’s team in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

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Innovation Council to "strategically align and coordinate" Alberta's innovation ecosystem

Premier Dave Hancock has announced the formation of the Alberta Innovation Council, to provide leadership, clarity and impel action towards the continued evolution of the Alberta innovation system. 
As Alberta has made technological innovation a priority to achieve sustainable prosperity and diversify the Alberta economy, the new council is meant to advise the premier and cabinet on innovation policies, strategies and initiatives – the intent being to create overall strategic alignment and coordination within Alberta’s innovation ecosystem. 

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VenturePrize winners tell the Capital Ideas forum how it's done

Joel Wegner of Menutria, Meghan Dear of Localize and Deepak Gupta of LoginRadius, all past participants of the TEC VenturePrize, share experiences from building their businesses at the Edmonton Journal on July 16, 2014.

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Technology Highlights (July 4, 2014)

New Patents

Cryopreservation of Articular Cartilage
Patent: 8,758,988 - Dr. Nadr Jomha, Dr. Janet Elliott and Dr. Locksley McGann
Dr. Nadr Jomha (U of A Surgery), Dr. Janet Elliott ( U of A Chemical & Materials Engineering) and Dr. Locksley McGann (U of A Lab Medicine & Pathology) have developed the world's first method for cryopreserving intact human cartilage for transplant.
Pixel Sensor Converters and Associated Apparatus and Methods
Patent No. 8,745,115 - Dileepan Joseph
The patent describes an analog-to-digital signal converter for pixel-level data conversion, in order to improve the sensing performance of image sensors while maintaining small pixel size and low power consumption.
Metal Contacts for Molecular Device Junctions and Surface-Diffusion-Mediated Deposition
Patent No. 8,697,562 - Dr. Richard McCreery
Dr. Richard McCreery's patent describes a fabrication method for depositing metal contacts onto a molecular junction layer.


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Without Hugh, what will we do? Hugh Wyatt retires from TEC Edmonton

Having re-invented himself once, Hugh Wyatt is about to do it again. Hugh retired as an Edmonton banker in 2004, at the tender age of 54. At 64, Hugh is now re-retiring after seven years of working three days a week with TEC Edmonton’s entrepreneurial development division. Of course it’s not really “retirement.” Hugh is re-re-inventing himself, this time as a Team Leader for Habitat for Humanity Global Village Builds. And, on a more casual basis, he’ll be fund manager for the Alberta Cultural Industries Association. “The old concept of retirement just doesn’t work for me,” he says. “It’s about transitions in life, done in a premeditated, focused fashion. If you love what you’re doing, you’ll never work a day in your life!” Hugh just happened to be the right guy for the right job in 2007, when he was asked to work on a specific project for the then-fledgling TEC Edmonton. TEC Edmonton was  feeling its way from being a b ...

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Belgravia TECH Inc. leads the way to a new supply of medical isotopes

The U of A isotope team headed up by Dr. Sandy McEwan (right) They know it works. A University of Alberta medical sciences team led by oncologist Dr. Sandy McEwan has shown medical isotopes, known as technetium 99m, can be created through cyclotrons as a replacement for nuclear reactors. Isotopes are absolutely critical for doctors to detect and evaluate cancers. But they will soon be in short supply. Forty per cent of the world’s supply of this key medical isotope is created in Canada’s Chalk River nuclear reactor. Gamma-ray emitting technetium, when injected into the body,  alerts the docs both to the presence and location of cancer. Once oncologists have this crucial knowledge, treatment strategies can then be devised. In 2016, the federal government-sponsored Chalk River nuclear reactor will have reached the end of its useful life, will be shut down and decommissioned. It’s just too expensive, in the tens of billions of dollars, to build a new, highly specialized ...

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Onlea, Canada’s first MOOC and Digital Learning Production Company, Launches in Edmonton, Alberta

Building Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for Academia and Industry, Onlea promotes economic diversity in Alberta 

TEC Edmonton welcomes a new educational start-up into the vibrant group of Canadian innovators, with Edmonton’s latest new company, Onlea.  Onlea is a not-for-profit spin-off from the University of Alberta producing flexible, mobile-friendly, interactive learning courses, educational experiences, and assessment solutions that can be distributed across the wide variety of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms, open source learning platforms, and Learning Management Systems (LMS) used by academia and industry.

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Alberta Cancer Foundation funds U of A researcher Dr. Ing Swie Goping's effort to predict breast cancer patient drug resistance

The biomarker is promising, and its application may lead to far more effective treatment of breast cancer. Through extensive research,  University of Alberta biochemistry professor Dr. Ing Swie Goping has identified a biomarker that, in the laboratory, accurately predicts how women will respond to taxane chemotherapeutic drug treatment for breast cancer. Dr. Goping has now been awarded a $1.4 million grant (over five years) from the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s bench-to-bedside research program, to validate the biomarker’s effectiveness in patient trials, to gather the data necessary to apply for regulatory approval, and to develop a clinical diagnostic kit. Taxanes, such as Taxol® or Taxotere®, are chemotherapeutic drugs widely used to treat breast cancer. The challenge for oncologists is the known fact that 30-50% of breast cancer patients don’t respond to taxane chemotherapy, meaning a large percentage of breast cancer patients are undergoing gruelling chemotherapy that may ...

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TEC Edmonton at the 2014 national Startup Canada Awards: How far we've come

There’s always a long way to go. But it’s good to look back and see how far you’ve come. The Edmonton innovation ecosystem is starting to function as it should, as witnessed by the national Startup Canada 2014 Awards won by organizations and individuals from Edmonton and Northern Alberta. Technology-based business incubator and accelerator TEC Edmonton was named Incubator of the Year. Investor of the Year was Randy Thompson, director of TEC Edmonton’s TEC Venture Angels investment group. Honourable mentions were accorded to the Northern Alberta Business Incubator (Non-Profit Organization of the Year), TEC Edmonton’s Dr. Randy Yatscoff (Mentor of the Year), TEC Edmonton co-founder Allan Scott (Lifetime Achievement) and the Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (Incubator of the Year). “TEC Edmonton was thrilled to win these  awards, and we’re pleased Dr. Yatscoff, Allan Scott, the Northern Alberta Business Incubator and the Alberta Women Entrepreneurs earned honourable ...

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