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Localize Services Inc. (Winner)
Belgravia Tech Inc. (Runner-Up)
Tactalis (Runner-Up)
MyMenu (Winner) (Runner-Up)
Zayfti (Runner-Up)
Alieo Games (Winner)
Livi Design (Runner-Up)
SmartCount Health (Runner-Up)

2014 VenturePrize Registration is now Closed

The Annual TEC VenturePrize Business Plan Competition offering $170,000 in prizes!

$170,000 prize package shared between Fast Growth and TELUS ICT competition categories

$30,000 prize package for Students

You have a business idea, but don’t necessarily have the business training to launch your company. The more you brainstorm about transforming your vision into a venture, the more questions you have. What are the legal issues with creating a company? Where is the financing going to come from? Am I targeting the right market? Find out by participating in the TEC VenturePrize business plan competition.

"Thanks to the global media coverage we received from TEC VenturePrize, the publicity led to many investment and partnership leads, including a local investor who invested after hearing about Aquila in the press. The investment helped us hire three new staff. TEC VenturePrize has proven invaluable to us -- the prize package granted us important capital funding  while the in-kind services allowed us to work with ACAMP to redesign our optics system. In addition, the feedback from the evaluators and judging panel was most helpful. We're proud to have been a part of TEC VenturePrize."
~David Alton, President and CEO, Aquila Diagnostic Systems Inc.

Competition Registration:

Program Highlights: 

  • Business Plan Competition - participants compete for over $170,000 in combined prizes for the Fast Growth and NEW VenturePrize TELUS ICT competition - all submitted plans will receive a professional feedback report.Submission Deadline: February 24, 2014 by 4:00 p.m.
  • Seminar Series - participants have access to TEC Edmonton's Business Basics For Innovators (BBFI) and Innovate Calgary's VenturePrize Toolkit.
  • Mentorship, connecting entreprenuers with business experts. Those registered for TEC VenturePrize are qualified to access the assistance of this skilled group of TEC VenturePrize mentor volunteers. A great opportunity to obtain help and advice as you develop your business plan.
  • The annual VenturePrize Awards event will take place in May 7, 2014 in Hall D, Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton.


2-Page Feature in Edmonton Journal

Check out the Wednesday, January 22, Business section of the the Edmonton Journal for a special feature on VenturePrize. See how past VenturePrize winners and finalists are still around today, having grown their startups into successful companies!


New VenturePrize Competition Stream Announced!

TEC Edmonton welcomes TELUS as a new corporate sponsor as they introduce a brand new VenturePrize competition stream for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) entrepreneurs.

The new ICT stream joins the annual TEC VenturePrize business plan competition alongside the Fast Growth and Student competition streams, now going into their 12th year. This means even more exciting opportunities for anyone in Alberta looking to build an ICT-focused venture, with the support of one of Canada’s leading telecommunications companies.

TELUS will formally introduce their new VenturePrize stream in January, along with details about eligibility and the prize package. TEC Edmonton and TELUS invite all new and future entrepreneurs in the ICT space to stay tuned for those details, and how they can win support for their company as part of VenturePrize 2014.


Upcoming VenturePrize Seminars

For the next scheduled BBFI seminars, see our webpage for more session dates.

Starting a business takes more than a great idea – success hinges on a strong plan of action. The Business Basics For Innovators (BBFI) seminars provide the tools you will need to assess your business concept and planning strategies to give your plan an edge.

For more information and to register, contact Noreen Hoskins at

For participants in southern Alberta, they can access the Toolkit series offered by Innovate Calgary. For further information on this offering and dates, visit


The 2013 VenturePrize Winners Were:

Fast Growth

Orpyx Medical Technologies – Calgary (Breanne Everett)

Orpyx is behind two highly innovative plantar sensory replacement systems — the SurroSense Rx and the SurroGait Rx — that use pressure sensor-embedded shoe insoles to determine force exerted over the bottom of the feet. The Calgary-based company won the 2013 TEC VenturePrize Fast Growth grand prize and was a finalist for the Edmonton Journal People's Choice award.

Watch Orpyx's Video

LoginRadius – Edmonton (Rakesh Soni and Deepak Gupta)

LoginRadius is an Internet technology that eliminates the need for usernames and passwords on websites by allowing users to log in with their existing accounts on popular social networks such as Google, Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo, and more than 20 others.

Watch LoginRadius' Video

Runner-Up & Edmonton Journal People's Choice Winner
Surface Medical Inc. – Calgary (Fabrizio Chiacchia)

Surface Medical Inc. (SMI) is a Calgary-based medical device company focusing on products to address a $48-billion-dollar problem that results in 100,000 deaths in North America each year: healthcare-associated infections. One of three finalists for the 2013 TEC VenturePrize, the Calgary-based company was chosen by Edmonton Journal readers for its first VenturePrize People's Choice award.

Watch Surface Medical's Video


Student Finalists

MyoNexus Diagnostics Inc. – University of Alberta (Naga Siva Kumar Gunda)
An Alberta-based start-up diagnostic company, MyoNexus is developing a portable, inexpensive, reliable point of care device that can check the concentration levels of cardiac markers from blood, potentially preventing life threatening diseases.

Phase Advanced Sensor Systems – University of Alberta (Chris Holt)

For refineries processing heavy feedstocks using Delayed Cokers, Phase Sensors provides a test platform to prescribe operating conditions that reduce fouling and save money.  This platform is based upon microfabricated test cards that provide reproducible and high accuracy fouling rate measurements at high temperatures similar to the operating conditions of a Delayed Coking furnace.

Steel Pony – Red Deer College (Mike Kozlowski and Kristen Kozlowski)

Steel Pony is a vegetable farm located just south of Red Deer that provides chemical free vegetables to families in the Red Deer area. With a weekly food box program that includes up to 45 different types of vegetables, families invest in Steel Pony before the season begins in exchange for a weekly share of the harvest throughout the summer.


The 2012 VenturePrize Winners Were:


Parvus Therapeutics Inc. – Calgary (Phil Coggins and Jord Cowan)
A privately held biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing a nanotechnology-based therapeutic platform for the treatment of autoimmunity.

Watch Parvus' Video


Aquila Diagnostics Inc. – Edmonton (Jason Acker and David Alton)
An early stage life sciences company focused on bringing revolutionary point-of-care diagnostic testing for infectious diseases and genomic markers to the livestock industry.

Watch Aquila's Video


Fast Growth

Innovative Trauma Care Inc. – Edmonton (Dennis Filips and Ian Atkinson)
Focused on the area of pre-hospital trauma care, Innovative Trauma Care develops point of injury solutions to treat common causes of preventable death.

Watch ITC's Video

Pedpad Inc. – Calgary (Nima Rohani and Kamyar Arjomand)
Pedpad offers a digital shoe-sizing technology with in-store and online applications. Retailers who implement the Pedpad device will enable consumers to save time in finding shoes that fit.

Watch PedPad's Video


Student Finalists

Orpyx – Calgary (Breanne Everett, Marcel Groenland and Amanda Hehr)
Orpyx is developing a solution for diabetics who have lost sensation in their feet and are susceptible to undetected foot ulcers and infections, potentially requiring amputation.

Enercal Data Systems – Calgary (Chad Grose and Eric Bouwsema)
Enercal is building CALTrack: intelligent data software for the oil & gas industry. CALTrack provides easy-to-use, intelligent tools to manage critical calibration processes in the oil & gas industry.

CitizenBridge – Lethbridge (Aamna Zia)
CitizenBridge is developing Gov 2.0, an online platform that directly connects Canadians and government by facilitating conversations between citizens and their representatives.


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